My name is Paula and I am Li’l Red KettleHead.  I am a long time Knitter of more than 30yrs, and a novice spinner.   All of the yarns and fibres you see here are dyed by my very own hands.     I am supported by some great friends who help prep/label or test knit/spin with me from time to time.  And also by my very supportive husband (and occasional knitter) Michael, who handles most things techie, such as photos, website and social media.  He is my biggest fan and not shy about sharing my work, especially when I might be! I am not formally trained in colour theory or the arts, but have spent nearly a decade experimenting with Acid Dyes and application methods.  I feel that dyeing is one of the most creative, freeing things I have ever done. I put few restrictions on myself in the dyeing process so that means there can be lots of variations in my offerings. I hope you enjoy my work! I’d love to see what you create with my yarns and fibres!   Please share what you make through Ravelry, or the Social Media links below!  

All yarns and fibres are dyed using high quality synthetic Acid Dyes with the highest ratings for wash- and colour-fastness for this class of dyes.   Many of the bases and fibres offered are Superwash treated BUT to best preserve the quality of colour, I recommend Hand Wash in COLD water for all products.  If you wish to try Machine Wash, please TEST with your SWATCH first, and use the Gentle/Wool setting if your machine has such. In ALL cases, please Lay FLAT to dry. 

All yarns and fibres have been washed and rinsed clear after the dyeing process is completed.  Different soaps, and water sources can affect how these hand-dyed yarns may perform for you for washfastness.  I HIGHLY recommend that when using multiple contrasting colours for your project to TEST WASH your SWATCH by the same method you will care for the finished item.  Its best to know up front, what will happen, before you knit the entire project. If in doubt, soak the swatch/item in plain COLD water with a glug of household vinegar added to test for fastness.   If this yields a satisfactory result, try adding a few drops of your soap/detergent of choice and check the results again in a few minutes. Faint tints released in the presence of certain wash/soap products may occur and should not persist.   Please contact me through the links below should you have any concerns about your purchase.  

These fibres are dyed in a smoke-free, dog-friendly environment.  While care is taken to ensure there is no contamination, if you have severe allergies, this may not be the product for you.   

Each skein/fibre is Unique, there are no Dye Lots.   Colourways will change often, there are far too many colours in this world for me to choose only a few!  I will do my best to ensure photos shown represent batches currently available for sale. If you see something you like, its best to grab it while it’s in stock!   Due to methods used to apply the colours, there can be variations even within skeins dyed in the same batch. For best results, Please alternate skeins throughout, or blend-in skein transitions, when using multiple skeins within a project.

Li’ Red KettleHead™Owner/Artist: Paula Main

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